• Samurai Art Blog

    With its exceptional traditional and modern culture, Japan is a country that fascinates and has a strong influence on people all over the world.
    Samurai Art's blog's mission is to spread Japan's traditional culture and history, and especially samurai culture to the world. A lot of information and photos are gathered on this blog.
    We want to make people aware of how samurais perceived the world during the Sengoku period, and how we can learn from their way of life.

    Fans of Japan, fans of samurais, let's gather together and build the best international samurai community!

  • SAMURAI ART 細川家の名宝ブログ



    Samurai Artブログでは、全世界のサムライを愛する人々に向けて古くて新しいサムライアート情報をお届けします。



  • SAMURAI ART 細川家の名宝Facebookページ


    Samurai Artは、戦国時代を中心とした日本の伝統文化を扱うサイトです。武士の歴史文化を伝えるiPadアプリ『細川家の名宝/Samurai Art』と並行して運営しています。戦国の世を生きたサムライの物の見方、世界の捉え方、人生のあり方から、これからを生きる私たちが学ぶことが多いのではないか。という着想から取り組み始めました。

    このFacebookページでは日本の伝統的な文化や歴史を紹介しています。建築物、 美術作品、古籍文献など、さまざまなコンテンツを写真を中に投稿中です。

  • KidZania Shiseido Beauty Salon Pavilion

    In 2013, Shiseido exhibited, as an official sponsor, the pavilion ‘Beauty Salon’ where fun makeup can be experienced at ‘kids are the main actors street’ KidZania (an institution for business intended for children and experiences about society). Our company created this special site.
    Parents and children can experience this ‘web picture book’ full of rich content together, not only on PC browsers, but also on smartphones, tablets and other touch devices.

  • KidZania 資生堂 ビューティーサロン パビリオン


  • MaKeT, the DIY Kits Store For Stylish Furniture.


    MaKeT is a project that was started from Makoto Tanijiri's wish for other people to know the feeling of excitement, satisfaction and attachment that comes with building one's own furnitures.
    MaKeT STORE is an online shop which sells DIY furniture kits designed by Makoto Tanijiri.
    CROSS BORDERS is taking part in the project in every areas which include project planning, creation and management of the website, products planning, marketing, PR strategy, etc.

  • デザイン家具のDIYキットストア MaKeT (マケット)


    MaKeTとは建築家・谷尻誠が自邸の家具を自作した際に感じた、ものづくりの「楽しさ」「満足感」「つくったものへの愛着」を、たくさんの人と分かち合いたいという思いからスタートしたプロジェクト。MaKeT STOREは谷尻誠を中心としてデザインされた家具のDIYキットを販売するネットショップです。
    CROSS BORDERSでは事業企画立案から、ウェブサイト制作・運営、商品企画、販売管理、PR戦略策定など、事業全域に携わっています。

  • H.I.S. スマートフォンサイト

    航空券、海外ツアー、ホテルなどを販売する国内最大級の総合旅行ECサイト H.I.S.。その中核的役割を担うスマートフォンサイトの全面リニューアル。調査・企画・設計・開発・デザイン制作・CMSの導入・CMSのカスタマイズ・システムインフラ環境の構築など、全域に及ぶコンサルティングサポート/構築を行いました。

  • H.I.S. Official Windows 8 Application, H.I.S.

    The H.I.S. Windows application was created fully using the new interface Modern UI’s functions and was released the same day as Windows 8.
    The application is updated everyday and you will find information on tours recommended by H.I.S. and the best prices ever on the latest tickets thanks to the “Newest information and tours on popular cities + information on airplane tickets” option for 27 locations amongst popular overseas trips.

  • H.I.S.公式Windows 8アプリ「H.I.S.」

    Windows 8の発売日に合わせて、新しいユーザーインターフェースである「Modern UI」の機能をフル活用したWindowsストアアプリ「H.I.S.」。
    人気の海外旅行先である27地域に特化した、「人気都市 最新情報&ツアー+航空券情報」には、アプリ内で毎日更新される、H.I.S.がオススメするお得なツアー情報や最新の航空券最安値情報などが配信されます。

  • UMAA - ユーマ株式会社


  • UMAA Inc.

    A website to audio visually and graphically enjoy information about local artists who jumped out of the vocaloid scene and even great artists from overseas. The UMAA Inc. website has been renewed to cover the extensive field of new talents that focus on music.


    Passing On Project is a unit creator by Japan’s architect Makoto Tanijiri, lighting designer Izumi Okayasu, and media producer Yahoko Sasao. The three of them have experience at the Milan Salone Exhibition, and started with a radio program in 2011. Milano Salone not being their main business, they thought about sending their original work’s message as a start. And then, the concept ‘What will be connected next = Passing On’ was completed.
    They thought of the theme of ‘light’, which is based on the adversity that struck Japan and got a lot of attention last year.
    After this Milano, they plan to start displaying this work in many places in Japan.

  • Dalai Lama's Heart Sutra (iPad App)

    Dalai Lama's Heart Sutra is an application made to help people get more familiar with the essence of Heart Sutra in their modern life.
    The Dalai Lama explained the Heart Sutra and the magnificence, yet, solemnity of Tibet in a precious interview with videos and texts. Furthermore, this application features hand-copied sutras and sutra chanting, and let you use your five senses to learn from the Heart Sutra of Buddhism's sects.

  • GREAT FOREST WALL PROJECT ~ Making the best use of rubbles ~

    From the Aomori prefecture to the Fukushima prefecture, we plan to build up an embankment on the Pacific Coast making the best use of rubbles, and raise a forest on it with many types of laurels, katsus and flowers. The goal is to build up a wall of forests to protect lives from huge tsunamis. This is the official website of 'the forest wall made from rubble project'.

  • TRIP KING (iPhone App)

    'Your trips are linked together with the others’
    TRIP KING is an application to share your travel experiences with users from all over the world. You can record your travel memories with photos and comments and enjoy sharing them with friends while exchanging information about travels with other travelers… Your traveling experiences become 'Trip Miles' and you can obtain various titles.
    While learning with other travelers from around the world and competing with them, aim to be the KING of travelers!

  • SUPER☆GIRLS (Avex Group Holdings Inc.)

    We participated in the creation of the official website of the SUPER☆GIRLS, the idol group belonging to avex. We developed a real-time keywords selection for the Web, Facebook and Twitter. You can rapidly browse the members' blogs or related news.

  • Samurai Art English/French version

    The English and French version of Samurai Art has been released. You will be able to enjoy national treasures and important cultural properties held by Eiseibunko Collection on your iPad.
    It features the same content as the Japanese version on iPad with all the detailed commentaries of the works translated.
    It is a global application aiming at spreading overseas the wonderful arts of Japan.


    blockfm_cap.png is an Internet radio holding regular programs held by Japanese top DJs, greatly active foreigners on the world stage and also, from now on, DJs who play on the scene.

    At CROSS BORDERS, we are extensively taking part in the whole project starting from business draft planning to site operation, system development and PR strategies decisions.

  • Nantokashinakya Project Facebook Page

    This is the Facebook page of 'Nantokashinakya! Project', a project that regroups the largest class of locals and which has for goal to support developing countries. In addition to daily postings of international cooperation information, it regroups every important issues and is developed in coordination with the website.